About Polyimide Tape

Polyimide Tape, is an electrically insulating heat resistant tape that has many uses including insulation, providing a print surface and as a friction reducing mechanism. Keep in mind that Polyimide has excellent heat resisting properties but as with all things there are limits.

As a print surface Polyimide Tape is suitable for printing ABS on a Heated Bed, though PEI is easier to apply and keep clean. The Polyimide tape needs to be hot in order for the ABS to stick. A minimum tempature of 90 degrees celsius should do it.

Poyimide Tape is appropriate for fastening heating elements. It’s one of our go-to materials for fastening heating wire to the heater barrel of an extruder.

Several of our clients have found success using Polyimide Tape as an alternative to lubrication.

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