Conductive Silicone Transfer Adhesives

Electrically conductive silicone transfer adhesive tape constructions are designed for demanding high temperature applications in industries such as electronics, aerospace, and medical. These are primarily used for EMI/RFI shielding applications, ESD pads and flexible circuits.

See SpecBond’s SB250U data sheet as an example of a conductive silicone transfer tape. The SB250U is a 2 mil silicone transfer adhesive that is double linered with two PET release liners. The silicone adhesive in SB250U adheres well to silicone foam, plastics, metals, glass and composites as well as a wide range of other materials and has a service temperature range of -40 F to +500 F.

Top 6 Reasons to use a Conductive Silicone Adhesive:

  1. Electrically conductive transfer adhesive​
  2. Z-axis Volume Resistivity < 4 ohm-cm​
  3. Bonds well to low surface energy materials​
  4. Performs well in extreme temperatures​
  5. Excellent chemical resistance​
  6. Ideal for aerospace, electronics, and medical applications