Polyethylene Foam Tapes with Removable Adhesives

Depending on the requirements, a removable adhesive system is available for your foam tape applications. Removable adhesives can be coated on one or both sides of a polyethylene foam to be designed to remove off of various surfaces without leaving residue. A foam tape can have one side being a permanent adhesive and the other being a removable adhesive or the foam can have a removable adhesive on both sides of the foam.

Polyethylene foam tapes are recommended for irregular surfaces that require conformability to uneven surfaces [gap filling], cushioning, and vibration dampening. Foam will provide the required cushioning and shock absorption qualities that will keep the bond together if movement or impact is an issue.

Polyethylene foam is a strong and resilient closed cell foam. These Polyethylene foam tapes have a high immediate bond strength along with a low compression set and are considered easy to die-cut. There are various grades of Polyethylene foam tapes with rubber, acrylic, and removable adhesive systems available in various thicknesses and release liners.