Removable Adhesives offered by SpecBond, Inc

Removable adhesive systems are becoming more common for a wide range of applications in various industries such as POP, signage, medical, printing & graphics to name a few. These removable adhesives have excellent quick stick, repositionability, and clean removal off of a wide range of surfaces. The peel adhesion can vary on the removable side depending on the product construction and the application requirements and surfaces the removable side is being applied to.

SpecBond offers a few standard product constructions using foam. film, and paper using a removable adhesive. SpecBond also has the ability to create a custom product construction and “dial” into the removability [i.e. peel adhesion] characteristics of various adhesives in order to meet your application criteria for a removable adhesive.

Below is an example of some of the product constructions SpecBond offers using a removable adhesive:

SB265 is a 2 MIL PET film with 1.5 MILS of a removable acrylic on both sides. Click here for SB265 data sheet.

SB468 is a 1/2 MIL PET carrier with 1 MILS of a permanent adhesive on the exposed side and 0.8 MILS of a removable adhesive on the liner side. Click here for SB468 data sheet.

SB132W-PR is a 1/32″ white closed cell cross linked PE foam with permanent adhesive on the exposed side and a removable side on the liner side. Click here for SB132W-PR data sheet.