What is Cling Foam and 10 Facts to Note

SpecBond’s SB900 Cling Foam is a ​low density closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride foam with the unique ability to bond to surfaces without an adhesive. The foam is supplied with a special high gloss release paper to protect the cling surface and the Cling Foam will not leave residue when removed from the surface. Please click the SB900 Data Sheet for more information on this unique product.

10 facts to note regarding Cling Foam:

  • Used for cushioning and absorption of vibrations and shock.
  • Prevents scratches, abrasion and movement of materials.
  • Bonds aggressively without any adhesive.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and outdoor exposure.
  • Economical and disposable after use.
  • Very Useful as a separator of glass panels.
  • Used in the Automotive Industry to wrap review mirrors, bumpers, etc when vehicle is being transported.
  • Excellent for protective packaging for parts during transit such as furniture, turbine blades, cabinets, windshields, artwork, etc.
  • Used for non slip purposes on the bottom of office products such as key boards, mouse pad, projector base, etc.
  • Used in the HVAC industry as a protective piece for HVAC equipment, pipes, etc.

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