Silicone Tapes

Silicone tapes are designed for high temperature applications and are typically used for splicing and masking applications. These constructions are made of a PET or polyimide film and are offered in self wound or double sided tape constructions. Silicone adhesives have excellent temperature resistance and clean removable properties for the most demanding applications.

Silicone tapes are used in various industries like the powder coating, aerospace and electronics industries for applications including high temperature masking, plating, composite bonding, splicing, and high temperature gasketing.

Product Data Sheets

More common Product Data Sheets below. Other constructions available upon request.

Product  Backing Silicone Adhesive Total Thickness Color  
SB400 2 MIL PET 1.4 MILS 3.4 MILS Green Download
SB410 1 MIL PET 1.4 MILS 2.4 MILS Blue Download
SB420 2 MIL PET 1.4 MILS 3.4 MILS Blue Download
SB430 2 MIL PET 1.4 MILS 3.4 MILS Yellow Download
SB440 1 MIL PET 2.0 MILS 3.0 MILS Yellow Download
SB401 1 MIL Polyimide 1.6 MILS 2.6 MILS Amber Download
SB402 2 MIL Polyimide 1.6 MILS 3.6 MILS Amber Download
SB403 1 MIL Polyimide 1.4 MILS Both Sides 3.8 MILS w/o Liner [3 MIL PET Liner] Amber Download
SB490 1 MIL PET 2.0 MILS Both Sides 5.0 MILS w/o Liner [2 MIL PET Liner] Clear Download