5 Benefits of BSR & NVH Tapes to Eliminate Sound and Vibration

Buzz, squeak, and rattle [BSR] along with noise, vibration, and harshness [NVH] is caused by unintentional contact or vibration between components. BSR & NVH problems occur when two components vibrate and grind against each other causing unwelcome noise as well as compromising component performance.

Adherex Specialty Materials provides a wide range of high-performance adhesive tape and die-cut solutions for the automotive industry designed to help dampen, control, or eliminate sound and vibration. These materials include Flock tape, Foam Tapes, and UHMW & LDPE Films.

Flock tape is an exceptional solution for applications that require abrasion resistance and sound dampening. Flock Tape has dense nylon fibers that form a cushion between components and resist crushing to stop most squeak and rattle challenges.

5 Benefits of Using Flock Tape

Anti-squeak properties with high wear resistance

High abrasion resistance and NVH reduction

Good heat resistance and strong adhesion to low surface energy materials

Low outgassing properties

Highly conformable substrate