5 Reasons to Use a Polyethylene Foam Tape

1. Polyethylene foam is a strong and resilient closed cell foam that has high immediate bond strength along with a low compression set making it a suitable product construction for applications for mounting, gap filling, cushioning & vibration dampening to name a few.

2. Excellent product construction choice for irregular surfaces that require conformability to uneven surfaces [gap filling]. Various thicknesses and adhesive systems are available dependent on the application requirements.

3. Polyethylene foam will provide the required cushioning and shock absorption qualities that will keep the bond together if movement or impact is an issue.

4. Polyethylene foam can withstand significant amounts of pressure and will not lose its original foam properties which make it an ideal foam for solutions where support & durability are needed.

5. Polyethylene foam has superb strength and tear resistance along with dimensional stability allowing ease of workability during lamination and fabrication processes.

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