Adhesive Tapes for Demanding Mounting Applications

SpecBond, Inc has built a reputation for excellence by having exceptional market and application knowledge allowing us to understand customer specifications in order for us to provide the optimal solution for any given application.

SpecBond, Inc offers a wide range of high performance adhesive tape constructions for mounting applications applied to a wide range of substrates subject to various conditions. Below is just a small representation of current products used for mounting substrates such as low surface energy plastics, ABS & other plastics, aluminum, wood, glass, and foam to name a few. We also have the ability to provide you with a custom product construction tailored to meet your specific application. Below, along with the data sheet link, are examples of products we supply various industries for mounting applications.

SB132W – This is a 1/32″ thick closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam with a high performance rubber based adhesive on both sides supplied with a blue high density polyethylene film liner. Excellent to bond two irregular surfaces that require gap filling or cushioning & vibration dampening.
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SB6416 – This is a 20 MIL clear high bond acrylic foam tape with a high performance acrylic based adhesive with excellent plasticizer resistance and UV resistance properties. Used for medium and high-energy surfaces where high transparency is required.
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SB7522 – This is a 43 MIL black high bond acrylic foam tape with a high peel and shear adhesive on both sides. Suitable to bond substrates with low surface energy as well as powder coated metals.
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SB650 – This is a 1/2 MIL PET with 3 MILS of a high peel, tack, and shear acrylic adhesive on both sides supplied with paper kraft liner. The high coat weight allows for conformability to irregular surfaces and excellent adhesion to foams. plastics, metals, etc.
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SB850 – This is a 1/2 MIL PET with 3.5 MILS of a high performance acrylic adhesive on both sides and supplied with a red film liner. This is a high tack and shear product that has excellent UV resistance and bonds well to high energy plastics, glass, metal, wood, foam etc.
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