Foam Tapes for Medical Applications

Product design can be a challenging journey when developing a product construction for medical applications. There are many substrates to choose from as well as adhesive offerings that are skin friendly for direct skin contact applications.

Foam is a commonly​ used substrate for medical applications such as mounting electrodes, grounding pads, and other devices that require skin contact. Foams used for medical applications such as polyolefin and polyethylene are highly conformable and do not lift when the bond line is under stress. These foams have excellent resistance to humidity and temperature extremes and provide a strong, reliable and moisture resistance​ bond.

Typical standard foam thicknesses are 1/32″, 1/16″, and 1/8″ thick and the common color thickness is white, however, there are other foam color options such as black and peach [flesh-tone].​

Medical grade acrylic based​ adhesives that are skin friendly can be coated on one or both sides of these foams. These adhesives that utilize a medical grade adhesive typically have been tested for ISO 10993 closed patch sensitization, FHSA primary skin irritation and USP cytotoxicity.

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