6 Value Added Services offered by SpecBond

1. Product Development – SpecBond provides custom product development for the most demanding applications. We have strong technical expertise and market knowledge along with strong relationships with raw material suppliers providing you a dependable solution to your application challenges while meeting your cost constraints.

2. Die-Cutting – SpecBond offers rotary and steel rule die-cutting services with in line multiple die-cut registration. SpecBond can die-cut to any size or shape and provide your parts in rolls, sheets, or individual pieces.

3. Slitting & Rewinding – We can slit material from .062″ to 60″ wide and have the ability to hold to a +/-.003″ tolerance on most materials. SpecBond offers rewinding & slitting services in addition to lathe & shear slitting capabilities.

4. Lamination – SpecBond can laminate a pressure sensitive adhesive to a wide variety of substrates such as foam, foil, paper, cloth, etc. SpecBond can provide the laminate product construction in sheets, rolls or individual pieces.

5. Packaging & Product Fulfillment – SpecBond offers private label programs, shrink wrapping, custom packaging, and component assembly. SpecBond can provide fulfillment services in a white room for any medical or electronic related applications.

6. Stocking Program – SpecBond has a wide range of standard products that are in stock and ready to ship. SpecBond will also develop a stocking program tailored for you and your specific products to meet your delivery expectations.