What is Peel Adhesion?

Peel adhesion is the strength of the bond between a pressure sensitive tape and the application surface. In order to measure adhesion, the tape is applied to a stainless steel panel and then removed. The force that is required to remove or peel the tape determines the adhesion level and is measured in ounces per one inch of tape. The results of this test are surface dependent and are influenced by the testing angle which is typically 90 or 180 degrees.

There are various industry standardized test methods used in the pressure sensitive tape industry to measure peel adhesion. One of the common ones used is the PSTC-101 Peel Adhesion Test which is a Harmonized International Standard. This test procedure is done in various methods depending on the tape construction [i.e. double sided tape, single sided tape, etc]. For example, for a peel adhesion test at 180 degree angle using a single coated tape, a strip of tape is applied to a standard test panel with controlled pressure. The tape is peeled from the panel at a 180 degree angle during which time the force required to effect peel is measured in ounces per inch.