When You Should Choose A Polyethylene Foam Tape?

When You Should Choose A Polyethylene Foam Tape

When choosing the best suited construction for your application, a good starting point is the evaluation of the surfaces you will be adhering to as well as determining the functionality of the tape for the application.

Polyethylene foam tapes are recommended for irregular surfaces that require conformability to uneven surfaces [gap filling], cushioning, and vibration dampening. Foam will provide the required cushioning and shock absorption qualities that will keep the bond together if movement or impact is an issue.

Polyethylene foam is a strong and resilient closed cell foam. These Polyethylene foam tapes have a high immediate bond strength along with a low compression set and are considered easy to die-cut. There are various grades of Polyethylene foam tapes with rubber, acrylic, and removable adhesive systems available in various thicknesses and release liners.

Visit the SpecBond website for more information about Polyethylene foam tapes and a complete product offering.

Typical applications for Polyethylene foam tapes are for mounting, signage, extrusions, wire mounts, gaskets, window fabrication, and appliances.

For maximum adhesion, bonding surfaces should be clean, dry, and free from grease and oils. The firmer the application pressure and the greater the contact area, the stronger the bond. Please refer to the “Proper Surface Preparation & Pressure Will Save You Aggravation” article on the SpecBond website.

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