Lunch & Learn Seminar at Stryker Medical

Yesterday our President, Dan Murphy, facilitated a Lunch & Learn Seminar at Stryker Medical. Many producers of medical equipment look to SpecBond to provide expertise for their adhesive needs. SpecBond, Inc. has the experience to [Read More]

The strongest adhesive in the world

Did you know? The strongest adhesive in the world is made by nature. It’s mussel glue. This mollusk produces a silk, the Byssus, which allows it to stick to the rocks. This substance has properties [Read More]

Did you know?

The first use of what could be called adhesive tape occurred in 1845. Dr. Horace Day, a surgeon used a rubber adhesive applied to strips of fabrics to make a new invention called Surgical Tape.

About Polyimide Tape

Polyimide Tape, is an electrically insulating heat resistant tape that has many uses including insulation, providing a print surface and as a friction reducing mechanism. Keep in mind that Polyimide has excellent heat resisting properties but [Read More]

Polyethylene (PE) Foam Tapes

Polyethylene Foams, often referred to as EVA Micro-cellular Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam, PEX Chemically Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam, Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam, Volara® Polyethylene Foam or Minicel® Polyethylene Foam (Sekisui™ Voltek™ brand), are strong and resilient closed-cell foam. [Read More]