Unsupported Adhesive Tapes offered by SpecBond

An unsupported transfer adhesive is a layer of adhesive that has no support and is supplied with a release liner. Other names used for this adhesive tape construction are free film, transfer adhesive, and unsupported adhesive. Supported adhesive tape constructions are commonly known as double coated tapes and have a carrier [film, foam, tissue, paper] that has adhesive on both sides.

The unsupported transfer adhesive constructions are used in a wide variety of applications in which an adhesive needs to “flow & wet” out into a given substrate for lamination, bonding, mounting, and assembly applications. These are used in a wide range of markets and applications including foam fabrication, gaskets, rubber extrusion, and graphic arts to name a few.

Below is an example of some of the unsupported transfer tapes offered by SpecBond:

SB110U-MED – This is a 1.1 MIL unsupported medical grade acrylic adhesive that has passed biocompatibility testing. This has excellent tack, peel, and shear properties and has excellent resistance to UV light, heat, and humidity. Click here for the SB110U-MED data sheet.

SB250U – This is a Z-axis electrically conductive silicone transfer adhesive that has high heat resistance with good adhesion and is used for applications such as EMI/RFI shielding, ESD pads and flexible circuits. Click here for the SB250U data sheet.

SB200U – This is a 2 MIL unspported transfer film with random dispersed glass fibers. The adhesive is very high in tack and peel adhesion. The product bonds well to many foams and low energy surfaces. This is supplied on a 76# polycoated release liner. Click here for the SB200U data sheet.

SB300U, SB3800U and SB500U – These are with the same adhesive used in the SB200U above with the coat weight being 3 MILS [SB300U], 3.8 MILS [SB380U], and 5 MILS [SB500U]

SB330U-LSE – This is a 3.3 MIL modified acrylic designed to bond to a wide variety of foams and LSE materials. This adhesive contains high adhesion, tack, shear strength and performs well at high temperatures. Click here for the SB330U-LSE data sheet.