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Adhesive Bonding to Low Surface Energy Substrates

Most pressure sensitive adhesives do not bond well to low energy surfaces. In the past, Low Surface Energy [LSE] plastics such as TPO, PP, and HDPE had to be mechanically attached or welded together. However, [Read More]

8 Benefits to Using SpecBond’s High Bond Acrylic Based Adhesive Tapes

SpecBond’s double sided high performance acrylic based adhesive tapes are designed for a wide variety of materials with varying levels of surface energy. These superior high bond industrial strength tapes provide long term holding power [Read More]

Unsupported Adhesive Tapes offered by SpecBond

An unsupported transfer adhesive is a layer of adhesive that has no support and is supplied with a release liner. Other names used for this adhesive tape construction are free film, transfer adhesive, and unsupported [Read More]

5 Reasons to Choose a Film Liner Over a Paper Liner for Adhesive Tapes

1. Film liners will not tear like a paper liner during liner removal allowing a much easier process for substrate lamination. 2. Film liners will not leave paper fibers like with paper liners preventing possible adhesive contamination concerns especially [Read More]