5 Reasons to Choose a Film Liner Over a Paper Liner for Adhesive Tapes

1. Film liners will not tear like a paper liner during liner removal allowing a much easier process for substrate lamination.

2. Film liners will not leave paper fibers like with paper liners preventing possible adhesive contamination concerns especially for critical applications in the medical and electronics industries.

3. Film liners are considered more conformable than paper liners allowing your adhesive tape construction to conform and stretch with more ease on your substrate vs the paper liner potentially creasing and popping off.

4. Paper liners are limited in color availability for the most part while film liners offer much more color availability providing more options for desired colored liners for product traceability, identification, etc.

5. Film liners offer much better caliper controlled thicknesses vs paper liners allowing less liner variations for critical applications requiring release liner thickness specifications.

Click on a data sheet below for examples of two commonly stocked SpecBond products using a 4 mil blue film release liner.

SB132W-Film Liner     SB455B