8 Benefits to Using SpecBond’s High Bond Acrylic Based Adhesive Tapes

SpecBond’s double sided high performance acrylic based adhesive tapes are designed for a wide variety of materials with varying levels of surface energy. These superior high bond industrial strength tapes provide long term holding power and are suited for both interior and exterior applications. They are ideal products to replace mechanical fasteners like rivets, screws, spot welds, and liquid adhesives.

Below are 8 benefits to using SpecBond’s high bond double coated acrylic adhesive tapes:

  1. High impact resistance even at temperatures below 32 F.
  2. Closed cell structure offers wind and water resistance.
  3. Resistant to UV, aging, softening agents, and solvents.
  4. May act as a sealant and forms a permanent tension free bond.
  5. Suitable to bond to many synthetic materials.
  6. Ideal for tension free bonding of thin and structured materials.
  7. High initial tack and good plasticizer resistance.
  8. Designed to absorb dynamic loads.

SpecBond offers a wide range of high bond acrylic based adhesive tapes for various applications. Below are examples of 3 SpecBond products that are successfully used in various industries:

SB6416 – This is a 20 MIL clear high bond acrylic tape used for bonding medium high energy surfaces where transparency is important used for a applications using glass and acrylics as an example. Check the SB6416 data sheet link for more details.

B6452 – This is a 45 MIL Gray multi purpose high bond acrylic tape that has strong initial tack and is excellent for bonding to plastics [ABS, PVC, PC, and Plexiglass]. Check the SB6452 data sheet link for more details.

B7522 – This is a 43 MIL black high bond acrylic tape designed for low surface energy substrates such as PE, PP, powder coated metals, and ceramic coatings. Check the SB7522 data sheet link for more details.