Corona Treatment

Corona Treatment is a process that alters the surface of a material or its surface energy by exposing that material to a high voltage electrical discharge treatment. Typically used to raise the surface energy of [Read More]

Rubber? What Kind?

When people talk about “rubber”, they don’t usually specify what kind. There are many different kinds of rubber, but they all fall into two broad types: natural rubber (latex—grown from plants) and synthetic rubber (made [Read More]

Biocompatibility Testing

Biocompatibility Testing. An adhesive selected for use on human skin requires safety testing in accordance with FDA guidelines and ISO 10993 standards. Any adhesive placed in direct contact with the skin should be safety tested [Read More]

Accidentally Synthesized

PVC was accidentally synthesized in 1872 by German chemist Eugen Baumann.[10] The polymer appeared as a white solid inside a flask of vinyl chloride that had been left exposed to sunlight. In the early 20th century the Russian chemist Ivan [Read More]

The Biocompatible Characteristics of Silicone Adhesives

The biocompatible characteristics of silicone adhesives have earned them a leading role in medical applications. Whether used for adhesive purposes, as sealants, coatings, or as potting/encapsulation compounds, all medical-grade silicones need to be nontoxic and [Read More]

MVTR is a measure of the passage of water vapor through a substance

Moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), also water vapor transmission rate (WVTR), is a measure of the passage of water vapor through a substance. There are many industries where moisture control is critical. Moisture sensitive foods and pharmaceuticals are put in packaging with controlled MVTR [Read More]

5 Reasons to use a Urethane Film for Medical Adhesive Tape Applications

Polyurethane Film offers a unique combination of properties that make it an excellent material for medical applications.  Polyether Films offer antimicrobial properties, breathability, and biocompatibility, all while maintaining elasticity and a soft feel.  Polyether is [Read More]

What is Cling Foam and 10 Facts to Note

SpecBond’s SB900 Cling Foam is a ​low density closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride foam with the unique ability to bond to surfaces without an adhesive. The foam is supplied with a special high gloss release paper to [Read More]

Polyethylene Foam Tapes with Removable Adhesives

Depending on the requirements, a removable adhesive system is available for your foam tape applications. Removable adhesives can be coated on one or both sides of a polyethylene foam to be designed to remove off [Read More]

5 Advantages of Using a Rubber Based Adhesive

Rubber based adhesives are considered more economical than an acrylic or silicone based adhesive product. Rubber based adhesives are hydrophobic so they resist water and moisture in a humid environment. Rubber based adhesives have higher [Read More]