Ways​ of improving NVH – Noise, Vibration, and Harshness!

Noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), also known as noise & vibration (N & V) is the study and modification of the noise and vibration characteristics in numerous industries such as automotive, aerospace, appliance, structural, and [Read More]

Did You Know – Automotive Industry

Historically, automobiles ​​assembled exclusively with mechanical fasteners and welding which were heavy and did not help fuel economy. Today, the typical car has approximately 70 lbs of adhesive products which replace hundreds of pounds of [Read More]

Did You Know – Food Adhesives?

Did you know that adhesives are widely used in the food industry? What’s more they are highly regulated. FDA Regulations Title 21 Part 175.105 governs any indirect food additives, including adhesives. For example the glue [Read More]

5 Advantages of using a film release liner vs a paper release liner for PSA Tapes

5 Advantages of using a film release liner vs a paper release liner for PSA Tapes 1. Film liners will not tear like a paper liner during liner removal allowing a much easier process for [Read More]

5 Reasons to Use a Polyethylene Foam Tape

1. Polyethylene foam is a strong and resilient closed cell foam that has high immediate bond strength along with a low compression set making it a suitable product construction for applications for mounting, gap filling, [Read More]

Foam Tapes for Medical Applications

Product design can be a challenging journey when developing a product construction for medical applications. There are many substrates to choose from as well as adhesive offerings that are skin friendly for direct skin contact [Read More]

When You Should Choose A Polyethylene Foam Tape?

When You Should Choose A Polyethylene Foam Tape When choosing the best suited construction for your application, a good starting point is the evaluation of the surfaces you will be adhering to as well as [Read More]

Lunch & Learn Seminar at Stryker Medical

Yesterday our President, Dan Murphy, facilitated a Lunch & Learn Seminar at Stryker Medical. Many producers of medical equipment look to SpecBond to provide expertise for their adhesive needs. SpecBond, Inc. has the experience to [Read More]

The strongest adhesive in the world

Did you know? The strongest adhesive in the world is made by nature. It’s mussel glue. This mollusk produces a silk, the Byssus, which allows it to stick to the rocks. This substance has properties [Read More]

Did you know?

The first use of what could be called adhesive tape occurred in 1845. Dr. Horace Day, a surgeon used a rubber adhesive applied to strips of fabrics to make a new invention called Surgical Tape.